Fibroadenoma:  Part Four

For the last couple of weeks. I’ve been super busy with work, garden planning, school, and health problems. At 1:36pm I submitted my final project for my business class. Woot Woot! 😀 And now I have a two-week break.

On November 20, 2015- I had a fibroadenoma surgery to remove a huge lump on my right side. Not even 3 months. I discovered I had another lump. I thought it was super weird that a lump grew so quickly.

So I made an appointment at the breast center. I got an ultrasound done. Guess what!? The radiologist told me that I had 2 lumps and they made sit up while getting ultrasound down. They found 3 more by accident. So in total, I have 5 lumps ranging from 1 to 2 cms in size.

I asked him again what causes fibroadenoma. He told me that just being a woman and having hormones might be the cause of it. The cause of  Fibroadenoma(s) is still unknown.

He recommended me to not get surgery. Just to keep an eye on it. And have an ultrasound every 6months. Or if I noticed any changes to make an appointment right away.  If I decided I to get surgery it will create a lot of scar tissue which can be bad and can affect my breast if I ever wanted to breastfeed.  Therefore I decided not to get surgery and just keep an eye on the fibroadenomas.

Another issue that I been having is that my wisdom teeth are giving me issues. Three years ago, my dentist warned me to get my wisdom teeth to remove, however, I ignored her. On (Feb 2016) I made an appointment with an oral surgeon, he told me that my upper wisdom teeth are out and the bottom ones are both impacted. Ouch!

The one of the right side has been causing me a lot of pain. I brought some Orajel -Severe Triple. And putting on the site of my impacted wisdom tooth and taking Advil.

The good thing is that I already made an appointment for Next Thursday to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.  So I’m excited. Not!!! haha 🙂

Fibroadenoma  Day 3 and 4 Recovery

Sunday 11/22 and Monday 11/23-

Hi everyone 🙂 Soo since Sunday night I’ve done much better.  I’ve been eating much healthier.  The only thing I can’t do right now is lift anything greater than 15 pounds.

I’ve been managing my pain with ice packs and a lot of rest. Today I took a 3-hour nap which was soooooo nice.

Then today, I got my blood test results back and I’m pretty much healthy. Except, that my vitamin D is low. Now I have to go to the store and buy over the counter Vitamin D-5000iu supplements. And Start taking them daily.

Overall, I’m feeling great with the progress I’m making so far.

Time to sleep 🙂


Fibroadenoma  Day 2 Recovery

November 21, 2015, Saturday  

24hours after my Surgery:  I was able to take it easy while I recover during the first 24 hours. One of the first things I realized that I should not bend down at all or I else I knew I was going to be in excruciating pain.

Throughout the day, I ate a lot of plant protein foods, that included lentils, beans, and garbanzos. I tried not to take hydrocodone during the day because I did not like the side effects of the medications. I did not want to spend sleeping all day.  Throughout the day, I noticed that the incision began to sting a bit and itch. I was doing quick google research, and I read that if it starts to itch a bit, its a good sign that the incision is healing up.

wpid-wp-1448206139358 (1) (2).jpg

I do not want to rely on medication during the daytime. So whenever I had pain during the day,  I got myself an ice pack and put it on my breast. It did control the pain for a bit. However, I did take the medication during the night because I wanted to sleep well and also place an ice pack while I slept. I was able to take a shower after 24 hours coming out of surgery. However, I had to make sure that the bandage did not get wet from the water. To prevent the bandage from getting wet, I placed a plastic bag and a regular towel on my right side.

Pretty much I took all day relaxing watching movies, working on homework, eating warm homecooked meals and spending time with my family and texting my boyfriend.

Fibroadenoma Surgery: Part Three

The day before my surgery which was on Thursday (Nov 19, 2015) afternoon called me to tell me how to prepare for my surgery on Friday afternoon at 2:30pm (Nov 20. 2015)  She mention that I could not use/eat the following products:

3.Any kind of liquid
4.Any kind of food
5. Make up

Unless I was very thirsty I could eat an ice cube and put in my mouth and let it wet my mouth. I was also told to buy antibacterial soap to shower before the surgery. Then, i had to stop eating the day before. I became very “hangry” because I was starving. I do recommend you guys to make your surgery appointment in the morning instead of in the afternoon.

At 12pm- I took a shower with the antibacterial soap that the nurse recommended me the day before.  Then I put on some of my most comfortable clothes that  I had. 😀 wpid-c360_2015-11-21-05-02-50-134.jpg

My older sister took me to the Lakeside Hospital Outpatient building. I went to check in at the desk and I had to go over my paperwork and sign a couple of documents.

Once I was done, I waited with my sister in the waiting room.  After 15 mins of waiting, my name was called.  The nurse took me to a small room. I had to change into my stylish green gown and also put on some brown tan hospital socks. Afterward, the nurse had to check my vitals (blood pressure/temperature/weight). Then she poked me with a numbing needle on my left hand. Which allows you not to feel pain when they insert the IV. Once she started the IV. I received a bag of fluids that included saline solution, antibiotics, and 2 medications to prevent motion sickness.  (I tend to get nauseous easily).  The Anesthesiologist enters the room and told me that I will be receiving the twilight anesthesia.

 Twilight anesthesia is an anesthetic technique that uses mild doses of drugs to block pain, reduce anxiety, and provide a temporary memory loss, thus enabling patients to feel comfortable during and after surgical procedures

wpid-c360_2015-11-21-05-03-30-272 (1)

Once the Anesthesiologist left the room, the nurse brought my sister back to the room with me. Typically, sisters, she began to take pictures of my misery haha.

The surgery was supposed to be at 2:30pm. But the doctor came 1 1/2 hrs late. Once the doctor came into my room. He used a marker to mark my breast where I  will be getting surgery. Let me tell you, It was awkward as fuck!  Once he did that,  he left to get ready for the surgery. image

Then the nurse told me, sister, to go to the waiting room.  The OR nurse- Karen came in and put me a blue surgical hat on me. As I walked straight to the Operating Room (OR). I got on top of the table. The Anesthesiologist put me a mask on me and got me to sleep. While at the same time  Nurse Karen was putting  3-4 warm blankets on me. Which felt so warm.

During the surgery, the doctor was able to remove the 4cm benign tumor. On top of that, there were no complications during the surgery.

I woke up at 4:30pm  and was transferred to the recovery room. I did not remember anything during the procedure. I felt that I just came back from a super deep sleep. When I woke up,  I asked the nurse for food and water.

I then change into my comfy clothes. At this point, I did not feel any pain, because the nurse gave me some painkillers.

Then half an hour later, I was discharged from the hospital and I was on my way to the pharmacy to get hydrocodone and stool softener.

When I got home, I was able to eat Olive Garden and in addition to that my mother made me some lentil soup. I was able to eat everything.

After I took the hydrocodone, I started to feel the after-effects of the meds. I decided to go to sleep around 8pm.

I woke up at 1 am because I couldn’t go to sleep at all, and when to sleep at 5am  and woke up again at 8 am. Then I had to make an appointment on Monday for my follow up and also the doctor had to remove the plastic surgical bandage.

The doctor sent the tumor to pathology and he told me that he will let me know about the results in a couple of weeks.  This is to make sure that its a fibroadenoma. I will keep you guys posted with the results.

Thank you for the love and support.

xoxo Cecilia


Fibroadenoma: Part Two


So I went to the breast center today to find out my results. The Doctor told me that I have 4cm fibroadenoma. I’m so thankful that the tumor was benign! Yayy! : DD

Fibroadenoma is solid, noncancerous breast tumors that occur most often in adolescent girls and women under the age of 30.

I ignored this lump for months and It wasn’t until last month I decided to get it to check out. I want to say thank you to everyone who has prayed and has been there for me all this time.

I decided to get surgery Because it’s just kind of uncomfortable and has gotten a bit bigger and ugh I hate accidentally feeling it. My Surgery date is set -November  20th. Not sure with the time because they’re going to call me. Sometime this week.

Haha! Making a funny face

PS -Girls please check yourselves and don’t be afraid to get them check!