Pigeons…For Dinner? Not for me-

The only reason why I’m taking animal husbandry class is because its require to for my major – Small Farm Market and I  also wanted to know how to raise and take care of honey bees.

So today in my animal husbandry class. I was in for a  surprise. Today we had to  go “process” pigeons. My stomach turned upside down.

See, I love animals especially birds. I know its a good skill to know how to “process” pigeons. But I honestly could not do it at all. When I saw my professor get all the pigeons into a cage.

You know what  I saw in their eyes was fear! They began drop their feathers because they were stressed. After we (the class) went to the protein room in the culinary building. One of the Chefs instructors came in to show us how to “process” pigeons in a humane way. As I  watch I couldn’t do it. I began to tear up.

So I had to leave quickly because I couldn’t stand to watch it. As I am writing this post I here on the computer waiting for my class to comeback from “processing pigeons.”


I don’t want to force my beliefs in anyone because everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. But holy shit! I felt like a huge baby and was a little traumatize.  !!!




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Hi everyone name is Cecilia and, I'm 25 years old. I'm passionate about plants and gardening. At the age of 16, I was bitten by the gardening bugs, thanks to my grandma and my sweet, lovable mama. I plan to share my hopes, dreams, fears, and daily happenings in my life. When the days are beautiful. I enjoy going on road trips and especially go on hikes. I'm just recently graduate from college, and I was able to get my degree in Horticulture- Small Market Farming. Now I'm working on getting my IT innovation Degree at UNOmaha. My dream is to one day possess my own land out in the country, but near the city. Where I can be surrounded by peace and filled with inspiration with a little mix of technology. If you have any questions, feel free to email me :))

8 thoughts on “Pigeons…For Dinner? Not for me-

      1. Squab! I couldn’t remember that name. I think the French eat them but they also eat horse. Lol. Also I thought the pigeons we see around here in the states are protected by law.

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