2-15-2015 I had a accident a week ago…

Last Saturday, at six in the morning. I got into a car accident. I lost control of the vehicle  due to black ice. I was driving under the speed limit and was taking my time. Suddenly, about 500 feet i started to lose control. As I pressed on the brakes, I was going faster and faster. There was an intersection ahead of me, and the lights just turned red- I tried to warned drivers- by honking my horn. But one of them did stop, but the other car didn’t looked, and pretty much t-boned the car. I hit my face on the steerling wheel, I didn’t wear my seat-belt ( Don’t worry, I learned my lesson)  


My mom was on front passenger side. When the car hit. All the airbags in her side deployed, and it pretty scary. Other people stopped by  to make sure we were okay. And they were able to call  9-11 due to the door being jammed on my mom’s side. She was feeling numbed.Ambulance, police departments, and the firefighters  all came.  At this point I was shocked and nervous.We when to the ER and my mom has whiplash- which included  a lot of neck & back pains. and I only had a couple big bruises on my left leg and on my chest. We were lucky that we didn’t get badly hurt during the accident.

Officer came in a gave me a ticket – Pretty much I’m at fault for the accident for losing control of the car.  Which  I totally understand.  Plus-The car I was driving was not mine, but my sister. At first she was furious, but I could totally understand her feeling.  Then afterwards, she was happy we didn’t get seriously hurt.  Thank god for insurance.  After the accident, my anxiously has increased every time I drive. But…I guess It will take some time to get over it.

Here are some pictures of the accident.




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Hi everyone name is Cecilia and, I'm 25 years old. I'm passionate about plants and gardening. At the age of 16, I was bitten by the gardening bugs, thanks to my grandma and my sweet, lovable mama. I plan to share my hopes, dreams, fears, and daily happenings in my life. When the days are beautiful. I enjoy going on road trips and especially go on hikes. I'm just recently graduate from college, and I was able to get my degree in Horticulture- Small Market Farming. Now I'm working on getting my IT innovation Degree at UNOmaha. My dream is to one day possess my own land out in the country, but near the city. Where I can be surrounded by peace and filled with inspiration with a little mix of technology. If you have any questions, feel free to email me :))

4 thoughts on “2-15-2015 I had a accident a week ago…

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes my mom finished her treatment last week, and is doing okay. 🙂 I’m doing good just a little afraid of snow/rain, but I’ll
      overcome it. :)))


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