Yes I’m an Introvert

7/31/2014 11:10pm. -CS

I enjoy spending a lot of time alone. However, there are times thatI need to socialize with human beings. >.< Yet, when I spend too much time with people, I start feeling tired and my drained.
 I personally enjoy the silences and I also enjoy being by myself. I am thinker. I enjoy working on my own.
Sometimes, I wish more people would understand introverts. We are not weird, anti-social people. We are not stuck up people. We are thinkers, We are cautious and We love to listen.
I hate when theres that one person who scold me in public. Please do it privately I don’t want the whole world to know my issues.. And please dont embrass me in public. I hate being in the spotlight.It makes me feel very uncomfortable and anxious.
 I will speak up or express an opinion when I have to. And being an introvert isn’t a bad thing.I feel that its a blessing in disguises.I enjoy having a good time  I love being an Introvert and this is what makes me…Me. I don’t want to keep it a secret I want the world to see this.
Okay..I am done 😛

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Hi everyone name is Cecilia and, I'm 25 years old. I'm passionate about plants and gardening. At the age of 16, I was bitten by the gardening bugs, thanks to my grandma and my sweet, lovable mama. I plan to share my hopes, dreams, fears, and daily happenings in my life. When the days are beautiful. I enjoy going on road trips and especially go on hikes. I'm just recently graduate from college, and I was able to get my degree in Horticulture- Small Market Farming. Now I'm working on getting my IT innovation Degree at UNOmaha. My dream is to one day possess my own land out in the country, but near the city. Where I can be surrounded by peace and filled with inspiration with a little mix of technology. If you have any questions, feel free to email me :))

7 thoughts on “Yes I’m an Introvert

  1. Thanks for liking my photography blog. And just to let you know, I’m an introvert also. For me, it’s been a struggle because I define it as shyness making it difficult in social situations. But….life goes on. Have a great weekend.


  2. I enjoy reading your blog and this is my first comment yay!! Lol I do agree with you. I am also introvert and sometimes it hard socializing. I been bully throughout my hs because I was antisocial. Now that I am an adult. I have it better enjoy life while your young. 🙂


    1. Thank you dingdong 🙂 I really appreciate your words of wisdom. I will try to enjoy my life and live the fullest.
      Once again thank you! :))


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