Homemade Mexican Tostadas


In our family, we always make everything from scratch especially, Mexican food. A couple of days ago we made tortillas for tostadas using an aluminum machine from Mexico. (as seen below) We usually do about 250 or more individual tortillas , and It takes a couple of days to make the final product.   We use real corn masa. Usually if you go to Hispanic grocery store- you’re more likely to find some.

Aluminum Machine

2. The three piles of tortillas that we made using the aluminum machine.


2.  We have to dehydrated or let the torillias dry. So that it can last for 6-12 months.

4. Once  the tortillas are dry- We will defried  the torillias to make tostadas. The oil has to behot!



– Letting the tostada drained the excess oil on paper towels


The finished master piece –  Real Authentic tostadas    DSC_0395

    You can add any topping you would like and this homemade  tostada is way softer compare those you buy at the store. Homemade tostadas


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